Who Wins? NetEnt or Evolution Gaming?

  • Jan 24, 2021

NetEnt and Evolution gaming are two reputable companies. Their main area of focus is producing casino slots. Some of their unique products have taken the market by storm. We are going to see which studio is the best. Visit topnetentcasinos to see some NetEnt slots.

Their Rivalry Explained

When it comes to iGaming, both studios rings to your mind. Their independent success is attributed to their hard work and the desire to remain relevant to the market. They both have millions of fans worldwide. For those new to gambling, find some thrilling slots on strazcewalhaly .

With such great success, we can say that the two companies are in direct rivalry. We are going to see which company does better than the other. Such an argument has been there for long. But, no one has ever argued with a piece of cognitive evidence.

  • Industry experts debate from a point of view of business success.
  • Players will base their arguments on the reliability and entertainment aspect.

Who Wins In User Interface

An excellent user interface sells the company. It should be easy to use and also understandable. Both companies have done their best here. All their games have interfaces that attract and also gives players a desire to play and explore the theme used.

However, NetEnt has a slight edge. Their user interfaces have intricate features that feed players with a piece of vast knowledge about the history of the game. They include on-screen last games history and in-game statistics. That's why NetEnt players have an edge over their Evolution Gaming counterparts.

What about Customer Support Chanells

Having great customer support is the heart of any company that is serious in the market. When it comes to online gambling, customer support is inevitable. Both companies have strived to have reliable modes players can use to reache out to their customer support team.

They include email and Phone. However, Evolution Gaming has a bigger edge here. They have included a live chat tool on their site. IT is a dream of any customer to interact with an agent in a real-time manner. Evolution Gaming gives you 24/7 live chat.

  • Email is the most popular way of communication between businesses and customers.
  • A good customer support should exeed customer expectations.

What About In-Game Betting Features

Both NetEnt and Evolution gaming strive to offerer different betting options and prerequisites needed before you play. They include double down or split option and side bet options. They also give you a chance to play on the demo when you are new to the game.

However, Evolution Gaming has an edge. They have implemented a pre-decision option that allows players to speed up their gameplay by calling at a similar time with the first player. There is also a bet behid option that gives you an option to bet on other players.

  • The in-game features gives players a variety of betting options.

Who had Higher Game Selection

Despite that Evolution gaming entered the market 10 years after NetEnt, they have by far the highest number of titles in their collection. However, NetEnt when it comes to creativity. They use an innovative approach to come up with a solution to loopholes left by competitors.

As we wind up, it is the best time to announce the winner. Well, nobody wins. I hope that there will be no winner soon. Yes, the two companies use their rivalry to improve each other. That is why they keep slashing the world pie.


NetEnt vs Evolution Gaming